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Our team brings a firm but personal approach to helping you get the education for which your child is entitled. 


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Schools are required to provide a free and appropriate education for all students.  For some students, schools will need to provide accommodations or supports to assure students have access to that education.  Because of the complexity, many parents will hire an advocate to navigate the system and petition the schools to provide the services the student is entitled to.


Sometimes parents just need a little help understanding the process, interpreting the piles of paper, getting organized, or preparing for ARD or other meetings.  The intent of coaching is to give you the tools to effectively navigate the process and find resources to support your child's educational journey.


Occasionally, advocacy isn't enough to compel a school to provide appropriate educational services.  In those cases, an attorney will work with school personnel and district leadership or legal counsel toward a resolution.  Special Education law includes a complex variety of federal and state laws and can involve policies and procedures unique to school districts.   

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